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Google Algorithm Status

Google has announced it started rolling out a new broad core algorithm update today and it's going to take about one to two weeks for the update to fully roll out. The search engine releases core algorithm updates every few months and the guidance about such updates remains the same - "there are no specific actions to take to deal with this type of update".

Automated tracking tools have detected unusual shifts in rankings and traffic. This may be a sign of another Google Update. The chatter within the SEO community is not that high this time, but this may be due to some unrelated reasons. Good luck, and take care of yourself!

We've detected a fair amount of chatter among the SEO community about a possible Google Update. It seems that the update started earlier this week and is continuing through today. Most automated tracking tools confirm a possible update too.

Another Google search ranking algorithm update may have started on Friday/Saturday. This time the update is really big, maybe even massive. We see a lot of signals from both the SEO community and automated rank checking tools talking about significant drops in positions and traffic.

Over the weekend we detected a significant chatter within the SEO community about results shaking up and down. This may be a sign of a Google Update. Most automated tracking tools show spikes over the past few days as well.

Google has confirmed that a new broad update to its core search ranking algorithm has gone live today. Core updates happen several times per year and usually focus on improving the way the search engine understands content overall. Google's official guidance about core updates remains the same - "there are no specific actions to take to deal with this type of updates".

Significant shifts in rankings have recently been detected by both the SEO community and automated reporting tools. These may be signs that another Google update is going on. No official statements from Google as usual.

Google has confirmed that another update started rolling out somewhere around the 8th of November. Google began making use of neural matching as part of the process of generating local search results. This allows Google to better understand when users’ queries have local search intent even when the business name or description aren’t included. The update impacted globally, in all countries and languages that Google is available in. There are no required changes a business needs to make as a result of this update.

Google BERT Update: Google has announced the largest change to its search system in the past five years - the BERT update, which started rolling out this week. BERT is a neural network-based technique that improves how Google understands search queries and the intentions behind them. The search engine says it can now offer more relevant results for about one in 10 searches in English (support for other languages and locales coming later). BERT also affects the featured snippets in all languages.

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